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Discover the intelligence of Aquila, our latest suite of solutions.

The Aquila Message Management suite is an easy way to take full control of all your electronic messaging requirements for:

• SWIFT (FIN and ISO 20022)
• Local Clearing
• RTGS services
• e-banking
• Custom formats
• Payment Service Providers (PSPs)
• Front office systems

Aquila provides seamless transaction automation and management with our extensive portfolio of intelligent financial solutions. The solutions re-engineer and simplify processing via a powerful suite of straight through processing workflows using exceptions-based processing from deal entry to final settlement.

Aquila Overview

• Message Management
• ISO 20022 Native Processing
• ISO 20022 Transformation Tool
• Reconciliations
• Message Matching
• Duplicate Detection

• 24×7 transaction processing
• Enhanced with AI & Machine Learning
• Highly flexible and scalable product
• Minimal training required
• Easily adopted
• Platform agnostic
• Cloud native deployed in Microsoft Azure
• 35+ years of financial message processing experience

Aquila’s modules are delivered as a complete solution using a single shared database that eliminates the need for multiple servers and applications, often from different suppliers. This design allows customers to deploy additional modules quickly and at a pace that suits their business requirements.

Aquila requires no changes to existing systems and is easily adopted as a cloud or on premise solution.

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