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Aqua Global has developed a Microsoft .NET based solution called Aquila that will meet all of your SWIFT (FIN and ISO 20022), local clearing as well as internet / mobile banking requirements.

Aquila can be interfaced to core-banking systems and external services, including those that are proprietary ones.

Aquila currently consists of the following modules:

  • Message Management which supports:
    • SWIFT ISO20022
    • Straight Through Processing of Payments
    • Accounting into your core-banking system
    • SWIFT gpi/Universal Confirmations
    • SWIFT Local Authentication (LAU)
    • Local Clearing
    • Internet / mobile banking
    • Automatic updates using SWIFTref APIs
    • Automated payment cover checks
    • Message transformation (e.g. SWIFT FIN to ISO20022 and vice-versa)
    • Duplicate Message Detection
  • Account Reconciliations

Aquila’s modules are incorporated into one integrated solution that uses a single shared database which is delivered as a complete solution. This eliminates the need for multiple servers and applications often from different suppliers which allows customers to deploy additional modules quickly and at a pace that suits their business requirements.

Aquila can be deployed on premise or as a SaaS alternative.

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