Utilising the foundations of the e2gen suite, Aqua has developed a new suite of solutions called aquila.

Aquila 150x150Aquila has off the shelf adapters for many leading core-banking systems. It can also be integrated into many other systems and external services, including those that are in-house as well as proprietary ones.

Aquila also has the capability to meet all of your SWIFT (FIN and ISO20022), local clearing and internal services such as internet and mobile banking requirements.

Aquila currently consists of the following modules:
  • Message Management
  • Account Reconcilaitons
  • ISO 20022
  • Duplicate Fraud and Message Detection Module

Unlike other solutions in the market, all of the modules are incorporated into one integrated solution that eradicates the need for multiple servers and applications. These modules all co-exist within a single shared database and are delivered as a complete solution. This allows customers to deploy additional modules quickly and at a pace that suits their business requirements.