Financial institutions that manage their cash positions efficiently can reduce their costs dramatically.

Due to the lack of dedicated software and the fact that management information for the business is often complicated by diverse manual processes, many institutions do not efficiently manage their cash positions. The lack of automated controls and systems for this essential activity can place a huge operational overhead on the business as well as financial risk.

Aqua Global’s e2gen Cash Management solves these critical issues by providing a solution for users to view and manage their intra-day cash balances for correspondent and internal accounts. The solution provides projected positions to enable the institution to monitor its settlement requirements for the future.

The effort previously spent in deriving and consolidating information is completely eliminated along with the risks inherent in those processes. Intra-day balances are calculated in real time and automated transfers based on specified cut off times can be automatically performed. Alternatively, they can be manually initiated.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Clear visibility of intra-day cash positions
  • In depth account positions analysis
  • Accurate projected balance positions
  • Seamless processing of settlement messages
  • Rapid integration into existing infrastructure
  • Minimisation of manual effort
  • Robust system to handle increased volumes
  • On-going support to update regulatory and compliance changes

Cash Management
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