Aqua Global’s e2gen suite has been supporting financial institutions across the globe for over 30 Years.

Originally built around a wealth of experience around the IBM I, Aqua Global has expanded to support a number of different servers and databases, but maintains a leading knowledge of IBM I systems

The suite of solutions automate the entire transaction lifecycle from trade through to settlement and consist of over 20 solutions.

The Solutions
  • Message Management
  • ISO 20022 MT-MX Processing
  • Reconciliations
  • Message Matching
  • Message and Fraud Detection
  • Liquidity and Cash Management
  • Statement Reporting
  • Sanctions Monitoring
  • Settlement Message Production
  • Trade Capture and Booking
  • Asset Transfer
  • And many more

Unlike other solutions in the market, all of the modules are incorporated into one integrated solution that eradicates the need for multiple servers and applications. These modules all co-exist within a single shared database and are delivered as a complete solution. This allows customers to deploy additional modules quickly and at a pace that suits their business requirements.

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