The use of e2gen’s Invoice Payment (IP) module allows an institution to control the lifecycle of invoices and credit notes to be processed with full integration to the institution’s accounting system.

The module allows for the routing of internal payments to the correct departments complete with a full audit trail within the institutions core system. Different departments can be assigned user access rights to confirm payments if they meet the matching criteria initially configured through e2gen’s sophisticated data definitions layer.

The relevant departments can input invoices or credit notes through e2gen, and the invoice payments department can then, based on the payment terms of the invoices, effect payment at the appropriate time using the settlement method assigned to the supplier. The different categories of invoices can be assigned to varying payment terms depending upon the requirements of the bank.

The e2gen IP module can allow complete straight through processing of invoices or credit notes that will enable the bank to settle payments quickly and efficiently. The modules configurability and flexibility means that it can meet the requirements for automatically notifying the correct department users of any potential issues.

Invoice Payments

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