The new Basel III regulation has put pressure on banks to actively manage their intraday liquidity positions and meet payment settlement obligations more effectively and accurately.

Statistics suggest that few banks are ready to meet this obligation which means that a large number are at risk of not complying with the regulation. Aqua Global’s Liquidity Management module (LM) provides a solution that ensures high quality regulatory compliance. LM allows banks to efficiently monitor and manage their intraday liquidity positions in any currency in real-time.

By adopting this solution banks can improve efficiency and compliance, whilst mitigating credit and operational risks.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Global management of liquidity assets
  • Significant cost reduction through automation
  • Rapid implementation into existing infrastructure
  • Clear visibility of intraday liquidity position in any currency
  • Centralised Liquidity Balance
  • Consistent compliance analysation
  • Significantly removes the pressure of liquidity risks

Liqudity Management
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