Aqua Global’s e2gen Securities Message Matching module (SMM) is a cost effective solution that matches securities orders, confirmations and advices from all parties involved in the securities settlement chain.

SMM provides an Institution with details of exceptions and mismatched trades as well as greater higher levels of audit and control. The module is highly flexible and scalable easily coping with new message formats as well as increases in volumes.

Financial institutions using SMM have an efficient, sophisticated and compliant solution for automatically matching securities messages. The module also holds a full audit trail of any actions that have been automatically or manually performed and provides flexibility with analysis or reporting.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Fully formatted confirmation and payment messages
  • Clear visibility between trades, amendments and cancellations
  • Streamlined production of outward settlement messages in any format
  • Easy to configure standard settlements instructions
  • Increased volume capabilities
  • Reduced manual effort and risk

Securities Message Matching

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