Financial institutions across the globe are feeling the pressure to remain innovative while complying with ever changing regulations.

Institutions spend significant sums of money keeping their core systems up-to-date particularly where payments are concerned due to the ISO 20022 changes in the pipeline. The processing of financial messages from a range of services can be a huge burden on banks and automation is a vital objective.

Our Message Management solution is an integrated framework for the management and automation of all electronic messages such as SWIFT (FIN and MX), SEPA, local clearing, electronic and mobile banking or even bespoke formats specific to an organisation. It is a multi-entity, multi-currency solution offering 24 x 7 capabilities.

Message Management improves efficiency and compliance, whilst reducing risk, system complexity and operational costs.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Integration to a variety of electronic messaging systems
  • Seamless integration into existing infrastructure
  • Significantly reduced network complexity and operational costs
  • Dedicated support providing updates to industry changes months before the go-live
  • Easily linked to automated clearing houses to enable a flawless payments process
  • Simple system to create and validate new message formats

Message Management
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