Reconciliations is a critical process usually performed by meticulous individuals on good salaries.

Humans however, are prone to error which can come at a significant cost even with very small volumes. Multiple personnel are also required to peer-review decisions and provide cover for holidays and sickness.

e2gen Account Reconciliations (AR) provides automatic reconciliation of cash or commodity items and achieves automatic matching rates in excess of 98%. AR allows key users to focus on exceptions faster by using automatic routing of referrals and proposed matching by other business areas. AR results in an efficient reconciliation at a lower cost with significant reductions in risk and manpower.

e2gen AR provides an automated processing environment that alerts users to any exceptions that need to be managed. SWIFT internal query and answer management is a standard feature that provides a process for repair and resolution of problems. AR gives users the ability locate and display any transactions within the system instantly.

Some of the benefits include:
  • Streamlined automation with exceptionally high matching rates
  • Dramatically increased operational efficiency through real time reconciliation
  • Minimise operational risk by removing manual processes
  • 24/7 dedicated support from experienced technicians
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Able to process any message types via a sophisticated workflow management framework
  • Proactive alerts to handle exceptions in processing
  • Simplified framework provided by a single modular solution
  • Mitigates risk through early detection of issues
  • Excellent electronic referral management processes

Account Reconciliations

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