Every day, financial institutions process millions of transactions across the world, in which they have a legal obligation, to ensure these transactions do not violate international sanctions programmes.

Sanctions Monitoring Video

Before processing a transaction, e2gen’s Sanctions Monitoring automatically checks all electronic messages against its ‘sanctions database’ to determine whether or not it violates a sanctions list that can be loaded for a single or multiple sources.

This can also extend to information feeds between internal systems and any other data exchanged between your institution, external entities and third parties. Sanctions Monitoring provides global monitoring for a branch network with centralised messaging services or alternatively it can provide an excellent solution for individual branches.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Complete incorporation of internal or external sanctions lists within seconds
  • Complete configurability of your sanctions database
  • Immediate alerts on sanctions breaches
  • Simple reapplication of false alerts into workflow process
  • Automated extraction of files for sanction monitoring

Sanctions Monitoring
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