Balance Reporting is the foundation for your business to provide the appropriate financial information to your customers to enable them to perform cash management and now more increasingly liquidity management activities.

Typically, this will involve the ability to provide the required information electronically in either an industry standard or bespoke format sometimes via a bespoke interface. The e2gen Balance Reporting solution can provide details of an accounts debit and credit activity by means of confirmations as well as transaction and balance history in the form of periodic statements. These can be produced in electronic form, paper or as PDF’s that are delivered via e-mail.

Balance Reporting is typically configured to produce SWIFT MT940, MT941, MT942 and MT950 type messages.

Some of the key features include:

  • SWIFT compliant standards
  • Comprehensive Compliance & Audit
  • Efficient Intraday reporting
  • End of day statements
  • Statements on demand processing
  • Configurable event based reporting
  • Configurable content
  • Account validation
  • Retransmit statements
  • Bespoke formats supported
  • Multi-currency, multi entity & multi branch
  • Sophisticated exception processing and Notifications
  • Configurable Message Release
  • On line archive

Balance Reporting
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