Aqua Global’s e2gen Holdings Reporting module provides a cost effective, flexible and format independent solution.

Holdings Reporting allows for the automated production of customised statements from both client and counterparty information held within an institution’s various back office systems. The statements are automatically formatted and delivered to the required service (e.g. SWIFT), third party securities reconciliation systems, or any other interfaces as required.

The module is extremely flexible and can be configured to format specific information from the back office system according to the requirements for individual accounts. Statements can be created for either a traded or a settled position for each safekeeping account as appropriate.

Part of the role of custodians and sub custodians is to provide either positional or transactional holdings reporting information to meet client requirements.

Positional statements report the total quantity and identification of financial instruments which the custodian / sub-custodian maintains in a specific safe keeping account for the owner at any moment in time.

Transactional statements report all market trades on a daily basis for a custodian / sub-custodian safekeeping account. These statements are used to reconcile the books of the account owner and the account servicer for the specified account. e2gen’s Holdings Reporting provides a cost effective, flexible and format independent solution (e.g. SWIFT. XML etc) to manage these requirements.

Holdings Reporting
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