There are numerous initiatives that will affect the market now and in the coming years. In order to support SWIFT customers, Aqua Global has evolved its product suite to offer solutions for the following:

  • SWIFT gpi and Universal Confirmations
  • ISO 20022 – MT-MX Transition
  • SWIFT Local Authentication (LAU)
  • FATF16
How can Aqua assist?

Aqua Global has been providing financial message management solutions to banks across the globe for over 35 years and has developed solutions to enable a smooth and cost-effective transition to the SWIFT initiatives outlined above, without the need for expensive and time-consuming core system upgrades.

Further Information

Further information on each initiative please click on the tabs above.

We can help you

If any of the latest initiatives are affecting you, then contact Aqua Global today at or call us on +44(0) 20 8544 3200.