ISO 20022 Challenges and Opportunities

ISO 20022 is a global standard for messaging and its adoption is being fueled by the following projects:

  • CBPR+    • Fedwire • TARGET2  • CHIPS   • CHATS     • Lynx
  • CHAPS    • Euro1     • BRPS    • MEPS+  • HVPS+    • SEPA

ISO 20022 will create interoperability between various settlement networks using far richer payments data that should result in higher levels of straight-through processing as well as more efficient compliance processes. The adoption therefore offers a major opportunity for banks and corporates to improve services to their customers and counterparties.

ISO 20022 is a complex standard and one message type can have numerous variants. For most institutions, adapting their internal systems to process the ISO 20022 messages will be challenging, leading to costly and time-consuming projects.

How can Aqua Support Your ISO 20022 Adoption?

We work alongside our clients to provide a tailored strategy that solves every challenge in order to provide a smooth and cost effective transition. We are expertly placed to support your ISO transition journey, utilising 40 years of financial message processing. We are also a SWIFT CBPR+ ready Vendor.

Message Processing For Any Format

Our Messaging Hub supports ISO 20022 as well as other standards such as SWIFT ISO 15022 (FIN), electronic banking, local clearing internal systems and bespoke. Most financial institutions will rely on supporting both these SWIFT standards for some years and our solution can consume or produce either format based on business requirements. If there is a need to translate between formats then this can be configured using our Translation Tool.

Our messaging hub is a multi-entity, multi-channel, solution that provides 24/7 processing capabilities, with exceptionally high STP rates, when integrated to an institutions core systems.

With our messaging hub, there are no changes required to your existing systems with the advantage that all ISO 20022 and FIN standard changes are maintained on an on-going basis.

Aqua Global’s MT – MX Transformation

Our Translation Tool is a robust and flexible solution for transforming SWIFT MX to MT formats and vice-versa. The solution can handle even the most complex of message structures including bespoke mappings for specific business scenarios as well as data enrichment from other sources such as core systems if required.

ISO 20022

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ISO 20022
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