For some institutions, the production of external settlement messages is either completely manual or prone to manual repair and subsequent verification.

e2gen’s automated Securities Settlement Message Production (SSM) allows fully formatted confirmation and payment messages to be produced for the appropriate services such as SWIFT FIN and ISO2002. These messages are formatted as either new trades, amendments or cancellations.

SSM will translate order and trade information from the back office system using e2gen’s data definitions layer. This configurable layer allows for the cross-referencing and translation of data between the back office and the e2gen process that produces settlement messages.

Message details can be augmented from Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI’s) that can be configured within e2gen for ‘place of settlement’, ‘safe-keeping accounts’, ‘agents’ and ‘custodians’. These SSI’s can be granular to cater for the exact requirements of individual counterparties and each business scenario.

Securities Settlement Message Production

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